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Advocacy Tips

Interested in making a difference? AzAAP encourages all members and concerned members of the public to contact their elected officials regarding AzAAP legislative priorities and any other pertinent issues. Direct contact with lawmakers and other officials is one of the most effective methods of advocacy. Whether you live or work in a particular legislative district, the elected officials from that district need to hear from you.

How Do I Find or Contact my Legislators?

Click here to find your Congressional Representative

To contact Arizona’s two Senators:
Sen. John McCain

Sen. Jeff Flake

To contact the Governor
Click here

Important Arizona Government Links
Arizona Legislature –
Official State Website –
Governor’s Office for Children, Youth and Families (GOCYF) –
Arizona Department of Health Services –
Arizona Department of Economic Security –

Once you decide to contact your elected official, what’s the best way to engage them?

Here are some simple steps to effective citizen advocacy:

  1. Introduce yourself – where you live, a little bit about yourself and who you represent (if applicable).
  2. Be concise and stay focused on the topic at hand.
  3. If using any literature, make sure it is also concise and relevant to the topic. Most leave behind materials should not be longer than one or two pages at most.
  4. Be polite and respectful. Don’t engage in personal attacks or name calling. Do not lose your cool – civil discourse is the only kind of productive discourse.
  5. Do not misrepresent information or answer a question to which you are unsure of the answer. Once you have lost the trust of an elected official, it is very hard to regain it.
  6. Be clear about your position and make every effort (respectfully, of course) to get a response from the elected official. It doesn’t have to be an immediate response, but just make sure the elected official knows you expect a response.
  7. If meeting at a scheduled time, be prompt (and be ready for the potential to wait…).
  8. Address the elected official properly, i.e., Representative Smith, Senator Smith, The Honorable Mr./Mrs. Smith, etc.
  9. Let them know you are available for further discussions or meetings (if applicable) and they can count on you as a future resource on the topic (if applicable).
  10. Thank the elected official and their staff for their time!
  11. Post-meeting or post-call follow-up is important, both to furthering the effort you’re engaged in and creating rapport for the future. Handwritten thank you notes are strongly advised following contact, and can be mailed to the official’s office.

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