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Vaccine Acquisition and Administration

To ensure that important childhood immunizations continue to be provided in the medical home setting, the Pediatric Council educates health plans about the true costs of immunization.  The AzAAP position is outlined in the 2012 bill introduced to the legislature (see below).  Likewise, the Pediatric Council provides tools to our members about how to advocate for timely and appropriate payment when negotiating new contracts, in the event of vaccine price increases, and when new codes are introduced.  They provide regular updates in the AzAAP Pediatric Update and bi-annual newsmagazine and collaborate to host the annual Practice Efficiency and the Business of Vaccines Conference. Realizing that immunization is a public health issue with multiple stakeholders, they also collaborate to host Immunization Congresses.

2012 Vaccine Funding Changes

2012 Vaccine Legislation: HB2739

Vaccine Advocacy:

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